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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Find Your Vintage Era...Take The Quiz!

Last week I was approached by Glitzy Secrets the vintage online Wedding and jewellery boutique to take part in their Find Your Vintage Era online quiz. I love vintage as you know and was really interested to find out what the quiz results would be for me.  Would I be a 70s or 20s look? I love them all so I was eager to find the results.

I'm really selective about which brands I feature on my blog, so I had a look through the online boutique before agreeing to take the test. Looking through the pages, I was really impressed with the beautiful Wedding  accessories and styles by era. Very pretty and great to mix and match.

My results....

Beautiful vintage inspired jewellery
My era from the quiz was the 1950's. The quiz took just a few minutes to do and took me through five pages. It was really fun and at the end it gave me a bit more info about the era and how to get that look. The site then takes you to the shop where you can scroll through the pretty jewellery so match your look.

The crazy thing is that I have just finished sewing a 1950's full Grease-style skirt in pale yellow. Maybe this was on my mind when I took the quiz! I really like the finished 1950's look, big eyes and finished hair dos. Mid-century is a great look and you know I love a fascinator or two.

Here are a few gems which are on my wish list for my next celebrations...

Pearl Heiress Necklace 

Pearl Heiress Necklace
Pearl Beau Bow Necklace

Pearl Beau Necklace
1950's Pearl bracelet 
Statement of Pearl Bracelet
Beautiful bow brooch
Beautiful Bow Brooch

For me, Austrian crystals and pearls are always on my wish list. I had a watch with Austrian crystals in for my 21st and I treasure it, so I like adding to my collection!

This quiz would be great to take with a few friends over a couple glasses of wine and see what your look is before you start to design or put together a new look for a Summer celebration.

I want to thank Glitzy Secrets for inviting me take part. I now am planning another 1950's handmade make to get the look for Summer 2015.

 Happy Vintage Looking,


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